For physiotherapists, bioimpedance analysis is a tool that offers new possibilities in terms of prevention, risk analysis and evaluation of patient progress.

Biody Xpert is not only a multifrequency bioimpedance analyzer which provides the physiotherapist with an important amount of information about his / her patient in only a few seconds, it is also a tool which can be used to communicate with the patient’s physician and it can offer new openings such as nutrition, dietary and slimming management. In prevention, it is a device that allows the physiotherapist to detect a risk of sarcopenia, osteopenia, undernutrition, under- or overhydration…


In Prevention and Risk Analysis, what are the benefits of Biody Xpert for the physiotherapist?



Prevention and risk analysis
  • – Prediction of sarcopenia symptoms.
  • – Prediction of symptoms of osteopenia / osteoporosis.
  • – Prediction of the risk of repeated injuries.
  • – Prediction of cardiovascular risk.
  • – Prediction of metabolic risk.
  • – Prediction of edema risk.
  • Prediction of massive or morbid obesity risk.
  • Prediction of undernutrition.
Patient assessment and follow-up
  • Detection of imbalances in muscle mass / bone mass and/or total mass / bone mass which can be the cause of repeated injuries (sprains, tendonitis…)
  • Evaluation of the skeletal muscle mass of the limbs, the dry weight excluding fat, the patient’s metabolic proteins to better prepare the patient’s rehabilitation protocols in case of muscular atrophy and analyze the benefits of treatment.
  • Qualitative evaluation of the active cellular mass allowing, among other things, a qualitative analysis of skeletal muscle mass.
  • Evaluation of the water compartments (extra- and intracellular), allowing a better identification of possible lymphatic drainage needs.
  • Evaluation of the hydration rate without fat, especially in case of underhydration, an important factor, both in sports settings and in the elderly, as well as in post-operative care.
  • Evaluation of body fat and the ratio of body fat to muscle mass and their evolution over time.
  • Evaluation of the patient’s basic metabolism and TDEE, which is essential in case of need for nutritional rebalancing.
  • To follow the patient throughout his or her life, with better coordination with the general practitioner (risk detection) and consequently better patient retention.
Increased patient awareness and motivation.
  • Simple and pedagogical indicators such as the “Target” allow the patient to instantly understand his or her balance, imbalances and the objectives to be achieved.
  • – Giving objectives to patients and an insight on his/her progression is a fundamental element of motivation, especially in the case of post-traumatic rehabilitation.
  • History allows the patient to better understand the results obtained and the merits of the treatment.
Ideal tool for related disciplines

A device which has become essential to some new disciplines which the physiotherapist may wish to include in his practice

  • Nutrition and Micronutrition. Weight problems are one of the problems that physiotherapists have to face because, aside from cardiovascular damage, diabetes… which can lead to too much fat, the very notion of overweight has a significant influence on other risks such as joints. SIIN, Scientific Institute for Reasoned Nutrition organizes today training courses for physiotherapists. SIIN, Scientific Institute for Reasoned Nutrition organizes today training courses for physiotherapists.
  • Slimming. Whatever the type of slimming practiced, nutrition will play a significant role and will have an impact on the result. It is therefore important to be familiar with the patient’s body composition before starting the treatment and to be able to monitor his/her progress during treatment.
  • Sports preparation and follow-up of high level athletes.
Would you like a suitable tool for home visits?

eBIODY bioimpedance analyzers are lightweight, compact, easy to handle, portable and wireless. Biody Manager (measurement interpretation software) is hosted on a secure medical server, making it easy to use in all circumstances. You can even take measurements on the fly, without a computer, from your smartphone.


Medical device

Biody Xpert is a medical device certified by the French metrology and testing organisation GMED.


Latest Bluetooth technology


Multifrequency technology Whole Body 5-frequencies (5, 20, 50, 100, 200)


Portable battery powered device, no need for mains socket.


Use the Biody manager software on your PC, MAC, Tablet or Phone. Compatible with MAC, Windows, Android and IOS.


Encryption of information about your members on an approved health data server (ASIP standards).


Patented hand/foot measurement technology.



Biody Xpert is based on more than 100 recognised publications on bio-impedance measurement.


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