Weight monitoring is insufficient because it does not make it possible to monitor the evolution of the essential elements that make up this “weight”. Bioimpedance analysis is the perfect solution to transform a prospect into a member from the first meeting.
Biody Coach motivates members and builds loyalty by showing them once a month the benefits of physical activity by comparing their measurements with their previous measurements for body fat, muscle mass and hydration. It is also an almost indispensable tool for the coach who can adapt his programme according to the results obtained.


What are the advantages of a biody coach in a fitness center?




Why is this technique profitable?

– The measurement lasts only a few seconds and the prospect will visualize on the “Target” indicator what is actually composed of his/her weight i.e. water, fat, muscles and bones.

– The “Target®” indicator, an Aminogram exclusivity, is extremely explicit with its color areas which allows the prospect to instantly identify what is going on, what is wrong and what needs to be changed. This awareness is a remarkable motivating tool that will facilitate the transformation of the prospect into a client.

– Monitoring by a monthly measurement is a very effective means of loyalty because it allows the member to concretely measure the benefits of the program delivered by his/her coach.

How to choose a professional bioimpedance analyzer?

To make the right choice among the existing devices on the market, one must either know the technique well or be well advised to choose a reliable bioimpedance analyzer:

– Professional devices differ from consumer scales in terms of measurement quality (reproducibility) and technology (single frequency technology and measuring only the lower body), click here to read the article on the difference between impedance measurement scales and eBIODY technologies.

– It is important to know that it is impossible by bio-impedance analysis to measure visceral fat, click here to read the article about visceral fat.

– Multi-frequency bioimpedance analyzers provide more information on body composition and a much better quality of analysis, but they are generally very expensive.

– A minimum of 3 frequencies is required for multifrequency analysis, devices using 2 frequencies often give incomplete or limited information. The majority of scientific studies on professional tools concern: monofrequency (1 frequency: 50Khz) or multifrequency (3 frequencies and more). Biody Xpert and Biody Coach are equipped with 5 frequencies, including the 3 essential frequencies (5 / 50 / 200) and for the price of a quality monofrequency.

– Some brands present effects of range, with equipment degraded in technology, and thus in quality of data restitution. The AMINOGRAM equipment (Biody Xpert and Biody Coach) are all multifrequency (5 frequencies) and of the same quality.

– It is important to know that for any body composition analysis technique, age and sex are indispensable data which, among other things, allow the qualification of the reference values. The equations used by Biody Coach are derived from the most important published and internationally recognised work in bioimpedance analysis.

– The AMINOGRAM teams are here to inform you and are able to help you make a comparison of all the devices currently on the market with their qualities and defects.

AMINOGRAM’s managers are pioneers in the field of bio-impedance measurement with more than 35 years of experience in this field and the introduction on the French market of the first devices for measuring body composition.


– Ergonomics perfectly adapted to Fitness Centres: Mobile, Connected, Lightweight, interpretation of results available anywhere, anytime on any Smartphone, iPhone, Tablet, iPad, PC, Mac device.

– Measurements can be taken anywhere in the centre or even outside the centre.

– A measurement in a few seconds and an immediate visualization of the result.

– A dashboard for interpreting the results of the measurement extremely entertaining, both for the customer and the professional. A wide range of histories in the form of curves, histograms.

– A multi-frequency device whose frequency ranges make it possible to obtain a result on all matters, including the decomposition of total water into intra- and extra-cellular water, a fundamental data in sports.

– A device that gives you everything you need to know (fat mass, skeletal muscle mass, total, intra- and extracellular water, bone mass index, bone mass to muscle mass ratio, basic metabolism, energy expenditure, difference between measured values and reference values…) including certain Aminogram exclusivity such as: the fat-free hydration rate, % fat mass at constant hydration, active cell mass broken down into intracellular water and metabolic proteins for qualitative analysis of muscle mass, target, comparative indices.

– A software extremely rich in functionalities, ranging from customer management to multiple possibilities such as group management, management of information blocks, organization of the work plan.

– Software compatible with the HEITZ system.

– An interpretation of the results based not only on the results of the measurement (resistance, reactance, impedance, phase), but also on essential data such as height, weight, age and sex. The equations used by Biody Coach are derived from the most important work done in bio-impedance analysis, published and internationally recognized.

– Data confidentiality and security: SaaS system with secure medical server.

– With optional food balancing software with preconfigured food frames according to the measurement result.

– By far the best price/performance ratio on the market.



Latest Bluetooth technology


Multifrequency technology Whole Body 5-frequencies (5, 20, 50, 100, 200)


Portable battery powered device, no need for mains socket.


Use the Biody manager software on your PC, MAC, Tablet or Phone. Compatible with MAC, Windows, Android and IOS.


Encryption of information about your members on an approved health data server (ASIP standards).


Patented hand/foot measurement technology.


What customers think of the eBIODY experience!

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