Oncology and malnutrition: @eBIODY stands out as an ally in fight against cancer.
💡 Did you know?
The most common characteristic of malnutrition is a rapid weight loss affecting the muscle mass. Thus, an overweight person may be malnourished even though his/her BMI does not give cause for concern.
⚠ Oncology and malnutrition: a dangerous and insidious relationship
Prevention, monitoring and detecting undernutrition are essential for oncology patients. Depending on the cancer localization, malnutrition can exert substantial adverse effects.
This can increase mortality among the affected patients, as well as the recurrence risk.
🔎 Bioimpedancemetry as an aid for detecting and monitoring malnutrition
  • Enabling body composition analysis, bio-impedancemetry constitutes a tool that can facilitate monitoring and screening for malnutrition in oncology patients.
  • Since weight loss mostly affects the muscles, HAS recommends using bio-impedancemetry to analyse the appendicular muscle mass index (kg/m²) and the appendicular muscle mass (kg) in order to detect malnutrition.
  • Bio-impedancemetry also allows monitoring personal physical shape over time.

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